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Inspired by Nature is Ian’s first album and is a blend of traditional classical music and his own contemporary compositions, including some “atmospheric” piano works.  His influences for this album include Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Gershwin and Joplin.  Details of how to purchase Inspired by Nature can be found here.

Ian’s music is based on the piano and covers the genres of classical and modern, singer-songwriter, jazz and rag.

The Beautiful Dream is Ian’s second album.  It is the follow-up to Inspired by Nature, and includes some more meditative tracks.  Details of how to purchase The Beautiful Dream can be found here.  A re-launch of this album on digital media is planned for later in 2017.

Cargo of Shame was released as a single in February 2016.  This was originally a rock song penned by Ian back in the 90’s about the campaign to stop the export of live animals from UK ports.  In 2015, he had the idea to give the song a makeover with a more piano-based feel, adding lyrics which reflect a broader approach to the ongoing struggle against animal exploitation and abuse. The result is a powerful message highlighting the suffering of animals in our world.  Ian was kindly granted license by some of the big animal rights organisations to use footage and images from their own galleries in the video, which can be seen on YouTube.

City Story was released as a Christmas single in December 2016 on digital media, and is Ian’s first single on the Oakfield Records label. Ian wrote the song to to raise awareness of homelessness, in particular people sleeping rough on our streets. Proceeds from the single will be used to support Veterans Aid and Shelter.  The single received radio play and Ian was also invited to talk about the song and homelessness on two radio statiops.  You can see the video on YouTube.

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